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First-Class Branding for Your First-Class Home

Being a luxury homeowner in the Fort McMurray market can be quite disconcerning these days. But wealthy buyers are out there…and they’re looking in Fort McMurray.

A-Team Prestige is Fort McMurray’s first, only, and most exclusive local luxury listing brand.

In 2016, The A-Team sold 20% of Fort McMurray listings that sold on the MLS® for over $1,000,000.

The cause of our success: finding high-end buyers, no matter the home or its value. That’s the Prestige promise. A-Team Prestige is offered to select homeowners based on home value (not necessarily over $1,000,000) and location.

If you have a home that may qualify, use the form below to get in touch.

Our goal is always to impress you with service far beyond your expectations – choosing to list your luxury home with A-Team Prestige is rewarded by a raft of extra, premium benefits.

– Breanna Albrecht

Get An Exclusive Personalized Home Evaluation

    Premium Team Access

    The very best listings involve teamwork. The whole A-Team is brought in to assist with production of your exclusive Prestige mini-movie.

    In case of emergencies, you will have phone contact with every member of The A-Team.

    Professional Mini-Movie

    A three-minute “mini-movie” is produced in place of our regular home video tours. These movies are stories with your home front and center.

    They have a track record of causing a stir in our community, and are widely shared online.

    RE/MAX® Luxury Branding

    It’s not just the A-Team on your side, your property may also qualify to be marketed as a RE/MAX Collection® listing.

    That means even more exclusive signage: Having our RE/MAX Collection® signage, and our black steel-framed A-Team Prestige signage, makes your high-end home stand out despite the crowded market (both online and off).

    Your home is exceptional, and we’ll lend our premium branding to prove its value.

    Exclusive Promotional Blog Post

    Buyers have to be emotionally connected to a home before the purchase. While this happens at showings, we start the process long before with our promotional blog post.

    Aside from being widely read and shared, these articles paint a vivid picture of your home, enticing more buyers to book viewings.

    All Eyes on Your Home

    A standout home will need to stand out online. For Prestige listings, our social media budget is greatly expanded.

    This means more eyes and thus more buyers: our Prestige listing movies have been watched up to 30,000 times each in Fort McMurray, and that reach is multiplied by our Facebook and Instagram posts.


    We Shine a Spotlight on Your Home

    A three-minute “mini-movie” is produced in place of our regular real estate video. These movies are stories, not just moving pictures. Our Prestige listing movies have been watched up to 30,000 times each in Fort McMurray.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are luxury homes like mine selling at all?

    Yes. There are differences between the luxury segment and other parts of the market, but the fundamentals of marketing never change.

    Will my home qualify as a Prestige listing?

    Generally we look for something special about the location, a higher price range, and/or high-end features. Our role is to fit the most appropriate marketing to your home in order to maximize sale price, and that doesn’t always mean Prestige.

    Is there an extra cost for the Prestige service?

    Not presently, but we plan to introduce a surcharge in the future. This is because we invest thousands of extra dollars in marketing these special homes. These listings have been something of a loss leader for us, which makes this a real opportunity for a potential luxury home seller.

    Receive the Price & Service You Deserve